Bi X

A Harness designed for the pilot of a tandem glider.
The Bi x has a wide seat which widens towards the front so that the pilot automatically adopts the most comfortable seating position after launch, keeping the passenger between the pilots legs. This improves control.
The reserve container is large and positioned under the seat. It is designed so that it can be deploued from rigth or left.


A harnesses designed for the passenger of a tandem glider.
Features include :

  • Dorsal airbag protection.
  • Rear pocket for rucksack.
  • lateral pockets in elastic webbing accessible to pilot in flight.
  • Attachment points for instruments for use by pilot during flight.
  • Airbag protection is covered by reinforced favric.
  • Two large side handles for passenger to reach correct seating position.
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities for all sized passengers.

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